Benefits of Professional Associations in West Palm Beach, Florida for New Businesses 

Posted by: Site Administrator on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

If you've recently started a business in South Florida or relocated your business here from another area, then you may be feeling a bit lost in the new environment. If you’re new to the area in general, you may be unsure of where to go and how to meet other business leaders. This type of guidance is where professional associations in West Palm Beach, Florida can help to transform your experience. The Business Development Board (BDB), is a not-for profit organization, that encourages ecomomic energy and promotes business diversity through the relocation, retention, and expansion of companies to or in Palm Beach County. 

Professional Associations in West Palm Beach, Florida Can Expand Your Business

The mission of many professional associations is to help businesses find their footing, grow their reach, and connect. The BDB is no exception.  As a private-public organization, the BDB works closely with chambers of commerce, community redevelopment agencies, municipalities, business organizations, and downtown development authorities to accomplish economic development goals in the areas of business expansion, recruitment, job creation, infrastructure, availability of capital, workforce development, and more.

In addition, the BDB is an Accredited Economic Development Organization, meaning that is it an authority on economic-related issues. The BDB serves as the primary partner to Enterprise Florida for Palm Beach County. Our development team remains closely involved with each project from beginning to end. With so many professional benefits, it's no wonder why the Business Development Board in West Palm Beach has become a sought-after resource for new business owners and entrepreneurs. 

If you've been searching for professional associations in West Palm Beach, Florida, you need to join the Business Development Board. Through educating generations of talent, helping newcomers with relocation and expansion, as well as unparalleled support,  it is an excellent organization where you can participate in the economic growth of Palm Beach County. Visit for more information


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