Local leaders engage in bipartisan effort to defeat Amendment 4

Published Thursday, April 1, 2010 7:00 am

(Orlando, FL - March 30, 2010) Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy (the "Vote No on 4" campaign) today began rolling out its local leadership team by announcing the campaign's Palm Beach County co-chairs.  David Levy-- Mayor, Democrat, and environmental leader--and Brian Seymour-- attorney, Republican, and business advocate--often find themselves on different sides of the aisle.  However, the pair is working together to defeat Amendment 4 in Palm Beach County.

"David Levy and Brian Seymour may not agree on everything, but they recognize that Amendment 4 would cost jobs, raise taxes, and encourage sprawl," said Ryan Houck, the campaign's executive director.  "We're honored to have them leading the campaign in Palm Beach."

David Levy (here for bio) is the Mayor of Palm Beach Gardens, a member of his local Sierra Club, and a former Environmental Specialist for the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation.  "This ill-advised amendment has the potential to wreak havoc on Florida's natural resources by encouraging sprawl, which will disrupt our unique quality of life," said Levy.

Brian Seymour (here for bio), Chair of the Environment and Land Use practice with the law firm of Gunster, Yoakley, & Stewart, P.A. added, "Amendment 4 would further decimate Florida's struggling economy by contributing to high unemployment and preventing the creation of much-needed jobs."

Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy (the "Vote No on 4" campaign) is an umbrella organization that leads opposition to Amendment 4. The campaign's statewide Board of Directors includes former National League of Cities President, Clarence Anthony, Florida Chamber of Commerce President, Mark Wilson, and Florida AFL-CIO Executive Committee member, Frank Ortis.  To date, more than 230 organizations throughout Florida have opposed Amendment 4; more join the fight every day.


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