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Palm Beach County consistently remains among the nation’s leaders for business and financial services, providing a robust environment for success – from wealth management to banking and investment services; from investors to venture capital and corporate finance firms. Organizations requiring specialized business and financial expertise are drawn to Palm Beach County because of high industry concentration, proximity to peers, and even the location of competitors. 


It's been estimated that 60 to 70 asset management firms, including hedge funds, have opened offices in Palm Beach County within the past four years. There's approximately 233 financial services firms incorporated just in West Palm Beach. The migration of Northeast asset managers, hedge fund managers and other financial professionals to West Palm Beach, Fla., has continued at a steady pace, according to Financial Advisor magazine. It's considered 'Wall Street of the South'.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE >

Palm Beach County is home to the Flagler Financial District, South Florida’s premier urban corporate zone, exclusively dedicated to business and financial enterprise. Located in the City of West Palm Beach, the District offers a growing business and financial community with exceptional access to global wealth and international markets. West Palm Beach has been considered one of the top 25 cities to do business in America by Inc. Magazine.

Creating a new headquarters or a branch presence here impacts your image and brand with both clients and colleagues. Palm Beach County’s financial firms cater to corporations and affluent individuals, and support the growth of their national and international business enterprises. Investment and legal advice, tax planning, cash management, financing, insurance, customer support, banking and securities, and financial investment services are among the other readily available services.

Palm Beach County is filled with top-notch wealth management, corporate finance, accounting, legal, advertising, architecture and other professional service firms that benefit from one of the most favorable tax environments in the nation.  In turn, they provide the expertise needed for other industries to succeed.


Palm Beach County firms cater to South Florida’s affluent corporations and individuals, and our diverse multilingual workforce allows these companies to serve regional, state, and global markets.  Professional service companies here recruit top talent from the area’s many MBA programs.

In addition to relocation and expansion assistance, the Business Development Board provides year-round support to the business and financial services sector through educational and networking programs.

In Palm Beach County, we know that education is key to economic success. Visit to learn more about the 116 private and faith-based schools and 185 public k-12 schools located in the county. 

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Red Carpet Services Offered by the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County

  • Site inventory and escorted tours of available class A office space with ocean views, personally conducted by our relocation and expansion staff.
  • Private tours of public and private K-20 schools with principals, headmasters and university presidents.
  • Tours of family friendly neighborhoods.
  • Information on grants, assistance, and financial incentives available through the State of Florida, Palm Beach County, and our 39 municipalities.
  • Assistance in finding quality workforce.
  • Introductions to elected officials and local business leaders including city and county commissioners, city mayors, county mayor, and delegates from Governor Rick Scott's office.
  • Review of available housing and cost of living data.
  • Demographics and labor market information.
  • Introductions to professional service providers such as: banks, law firms, employment agencies, and accounting firms.
  • Technical presentations tailored to company's specific location requirements.
  • Private introductions to philanthropic organizations, and art and cultural societies, based on your interests.


Gary Hines
Senior Vice President, Administration
Business Development Board of Palm Beach County | 561.835.1008