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In the past three years alone, the Business Development Board has been involved with the relocations of 16 financial and business/professional service firms to Palm Beach County.  This is merely a percentage of the total number of such firms relocating to the county, as many relocate without the BDB’s assistance.  The business and financial services industry accounts for nearly 24% of all jobs in Palm Beach County.

Why do so many in this industry love it here? SkyBridge Capital Founder and Co-Managing Partner, Anthony Scaramucci explains in this interview.

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Palm Beach County is filled with top-notch wealth management, corporate finance, accounting, legal, advertising, architecture and other professional service firms that benefit from one of the most favorable tax environments in the nation.  In turn, they provide the expertise needed for other industries to succeed.

Palm Beach County firms cater to South Florida’s affluent corporations and individuals, and our diverse multilingual workforce allows these companies to serve regional, state, and global markets.  Professional service companies here recruit top talent from the area’s many MBA programs.

In addition to relocation and expansion assistance, the Business Development Board provides year-round support to the business and financial services sector through educational and networking programs.

Where can you get more information?

Business Development Board of Palm Beach County
310 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Gary Hines, Senior Vice President, Administration