From powerful supercomputers and high-bandwidth connections to sophisticated distribution, service, and support providers, Palm Beach County benefits from a deep-rooted information technology and telecommunications sector.

With a strong base of knowledgeable, experienced workers, ready access to high-speed global networks and cooperative alliances, Palm Beach County provides a stimulating environment for technology and communication companies.

"As a technology company, we have taken advantage of the engineering talent in Palm Beach County. We also appreciate the easy accessibility to three international airports and high quality of life."

John Hinmon, head of global marketing, Cross Match Technologies, Inc.

Today, software application developers, network management, security, and storage providers, wireless communication research and development companies, and Latin American and Caribbean telecommunications service businesses are also achieving success in South Florida. Palm Beach County has deep roots in technology including the distinction of being the birthplace to IBM’s PC in the early 1980s.

Dominating industry growth here are companies in the key segments of software development. Companies, such as Campus Management, are successfully finding their markets from a Palm Beach County address.

The industry is bolstered overall by a world-class telecom infrastructure, a strong and ever-growing technology base, and an increasing number of highly experienced and multi-lingual workers coming from our state colleges and universities.

According to an American Electronics Association recent Cyberstates Report, Florida has the nation’s fourth-largest technology industry cluster.

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