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The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County is the official economic development organization in Palm Beach County and is one of only 38 economic development organizations in the nation with an official designation of an Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO). The AEDO program was created by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) as a means of recognizing professional excellence in economic development entities. 

Corporate Relocations and Expansions in Palm Beach County

2014 - Present FY

Company Name Retained  Jobs New Jobs Location Size
DRB Capital 76 75 Delray Beach, FL
SkyBridge Capital, LLC N/A 5 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 2,200
Lockheed Martin Corporation 401 N/A Riviera Beach, FL
Olympus Insurance, Co.  N/A  50  Palm Beach County (Unincorporated)  18,600
 Govic Capital  N/A  8 Palm Beach County (Unincorporated)  900
Boening  N/A  3 Boca Raton
 Soane Mining  N/A  7  Palm Beach Gardens
 Marriott Town Suites  N/A  35  Boynton Beach
Concurrent Technologies  3  12 Jupiter, FL  4,000
U.S. Polo Association N/A 30 West Palm Beach, FL 7,000
Sancilio & Company 149 275 Riviera Beach, FL N/A
New Image Labs Corp. 34 50 West Palm Beach, FL 24,000
Voloridge N/A 50 Jupiter 14,000
Project Diploma N/A 24 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 17,500
FedEx Corporation N/A 34 Palm Beach County (Unincorporated) 226,000
United Technologies Corporation  70 350   Palm Beach Gardens 250,000 
Avid Technology  N/A  100 Boca Raton
Passages Belle Glade N/A 225 Belle Glade 100,000
Yachtico N/A 50 Boca Raton 5,000
Project Bruin 473 178 Palm Beach Gardens 189,000
Project Fan N/A 25 Mangonia Park 12,000
Sunshine State Biomass Cooperative N/A 222 Glades Region (Unincorporated) 20,000
 Xylem Water Solutions USA, Inc.  15 2 Palm Beach County (Unincorporated)   12,000
McLane Company N/A 500 Palm Beach County (Unincorporated) 386,000


2013 - 2014
Company Name Retained  Jobs New Jobs Location Size
BioTools, Inc. 10 N/A Jupiter, unincorporated N/A 561.625.0133
Kinon Surface Design N/A 35 Boynton Beach 30,000 908.558.0011
Allied Fiber   N/A 5  West Palm Beach 1,200  N/A 
Belcan Engineering Group, Inc. 50 N/A Palm Beach Gardens N/A N/A
Sancilio & Company, Inc. N/A 25 Riviera Beach 20,000 561.741.6500
Office Depot 2,180 378 Boca Raton N/A N/A
 Hartman Windows & Doors, LLC  N/A  42  Riviera Beach  69,500  561.296.9600
Precious Metal Recovery N/A 25 Delray Beach 5,000 N/A
Cancer Treatment Centers of America N/A 225 Boca Raton 75,000 847.342.7303
 TouchSuite 47   50  Boca Raton  N/A 800.793.3250
Wexford Capital 10 N/A West Palm Beach 6,000 N/A
Imperial Capital N/A 50 Palm Beach Gardens N/A N/A
Automatic Finance N/A 40 West Palm Beach 4,500 N/A
Pratt & Whitney N/A 230 Jupiter, unincorporated N/A N/A
Vicinitas N/A 200 Boca Raton 45,000 N/A
Logus Microwave N/A 5 West Palm Beach N/A N/A
Union Scientific N/A 5 Boca Raton 2,000 N/A
SandPointe, LLC N/A 50 West Palm Beach 14,561 N/A
First Class Vacations N/A 30 Boca Raton N/A N/A
Medytox Solutions, Inc. 40 60 West Palm Beach  17,000 N/A 

2012 - 2013 FY
Company Name Retained  Jobs New Jobs Location Size
Digital Risk Holdings, LLC N/A 450 Boca Raton 50,000 561.208.2489
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
N/A 230 Jupiter 180,000 N/A
ADT 260 120 Boca Raton N/A N/A
Parametric Solutions, Inc. N/A 100 Jupiter 40,000 561.747.6107
ATD N/A 30 Royal Palm Beach 120,000 704.992.2000
API N/A 60 Boca Raton 6,700 954.425.0018
Solar Tech Universal N/A 80 Riviera Beach 74,000 631.485.5800
Call 4 Health N/A 30 Boca Raton N/A 888.422.7352 x1590
Bulk Candy Store 15 2 West Palm Beach 9,800 561.540.1600
Commercial Energy Specialists Inc. 21 14 Jupiter 20,000 800.940.1557
BoatSmith N/A 24 Magonia Park 22,000 561.632.2628
Accountable Healthcare Staffing 13 29 Boca Raton 10,000 888.740.4341
Funding Shield N/A 10 West Palm Beach 3,000 800.295.0135 x 8305
United Structural Associates, LLC N/A 15 WPB, unincorporated 6,000 813.728.3821
Red Hawk Fire and Security, LLC N/A 35 Boca Raton 3,000 N/A
Belcan Engineering Group, Inc. N/A 25 Palm Beach Gardens N/A N/A
Kayne Capital Advisors N/A 50 Boca Raton 12,750 N/A
Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute N/A 27 Palm Beach Gardens 38,000 561.694.7776
Etech Global Services N/A 200 Riviera Beach 10,000 N/A
Navinta LLC N/A 25 Boca Raton 20,000 N/A
Neptune Research, Inc. 41 4 Riviera Beach 16,000 561.683.6992


2011-2012 FY

Image SkinCare
Signet Diagnostic Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation
ALDI, Inc.
Radical Cosmetics, LLC
Smart for Life
Locus Traxx
Modernizing Medicine
PC Professor
Liquid Cargo, Inc.
  Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation
Advanced Communications Group
CTS Engines
Digital Risk Holdings
Hollander Home Fashions
Archie MD
Lumitec, Inc.
JFK Medical Center
MarJam Supply Company
American Sugar Refining Inc.
Somahlution, Inc.
TBC Corporation

2010-2011 FY

Florida Flavors
Modernizing Medicine
Aerospace Technologies Group
Ulysse Nardin
Blue Bell Creameries
Native Outfitters
Clarity Diagnostic Test Group
Bethesda Hospital West
Shoes for Crews

Life's Abundance
Garda Cash Logistics
Michael Rybovich & Sons
Olympusat, Inc.
The Country Network
Elythe Training Institute
Client First Settlement
Parametric Solutions

2009-2010 FY


Champion Solutions Group
Crossmatch Technologies
Slaton Risk Services
People's Trust Insurance
TMS/SV Microwave
RoboLabs, Inc.
Ernst & Young
TMS Health
Infinity Sales Group


Belcan Corporation
Institute for Healthy Living Life Science
& Research at Abacoa
Woodfield Distribution
College Profiles International
ADT Security Services
LRP Publications
UTC Fire & Security
Archie MD, Inc.
GLG Pharma

2008-2009 FY

Rochoet USA
B/E Aerospace
Campus Management
Transdermal Technologies
General Dynamics
SV Microwave
Wafer World
Leinco Technologies
Georgeson Group
Coastal Optical Systems
  Sancilio & Company
Project Red LLC
TBC Corporation
Oxygen Development
TMS Health
The Learning Experience
WiBeam USA
Strox Biopharmaceuticals

2007-2008 FY

Baron Sign
Audio Enhancement
ITV-Information Television Network
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
Wafer World
Topline Printing & Graphics
Royal Electric
Max Planck Florida Institute
Power Systems Manufacturing
Rock Legal Services
FTI Consulting
Parametric Solutions
Settlement Benefits Association
Bauer Foundation Corp.

2006-2007 FY

Jarden Consumer Solutions
Wm Thies & Sons
DR Palm Beach, Inc. (Hawthorne Suites)
Tripp Electric Motors Inc.
BioTech USA
Akron Biotech LLC
Aquila Property Co. (Binks Forest CC)
Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc.
Coastal Optical Systems, Inc.
  Insia US, Inc.
Image Skin Care
Therma Seal Spray Foam Insulation Systems, LLC
Odorox Inc.
PC Professor
Canon Business Solutions East, Inc.
Atlantis Foods

2005-2006 FY

LRP Publications
Anspach Effort
Belcan Corp.
Center for Child Development
Jet Aviation
Baron Sign
Alloy Cladding Company LLC
Disc Motion Technologies
  General Dynamics
Venture Marine
Parametric Solutions, Inc.
First NLC Financial Services
Jakob, Inc
Office Depot
Coastal Lending of South Florida

2004-2005 FY

Ambra Solutions
Marlin Mortgage
Unico Holdings, Inc.
Quantum Engineering
Kobra Molds
Florida Turbine Technology
Implant Innovations
Belcan Corporation
Walgreen Company
Osmotica Pharmaceutial
Mechanical Vertical Parking
  Nabi Pharmaceuticals
Architechtural Woodworks
Davco Electrical
Oncard, Inc.
Boca Java
Art & Design Marble & Granite of FL, Inc.
Lockheed Martin
Dyadic International, Inc.
Airliance Materials  

2003-2004 FY

Oxford Management Services
Equity Funding Motgage Corp
Endsdown Trimwork, Inc.
Rezult I.T. Sourcing Solutions
Vortex Broadband Communication, Inc.
Cypress Cooling LLC
Hennessy Dental Laboratory, Inc.
G-STAR School of the Arts
Stewo Dental LLC
Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
DHV Consultants
Garden of Life, Inc.
Phoenix BioPharm, Inc.
ACS Industries, Inc
Cardiovascular Medical Specialist of PB
  Cypress Cooling LLC
DHV Consultants
Endsdown Trimwork, Inc.
Equity Funding Mortgage Corp.
Garden of Life
G-Star School of the Arts
Hennessy Dental Laboratory, Inc.
Nabi Pharmaceuticals
Oxford Management Services
Phoenix BioPharm, Inc.
Rezultz I.T. Sourcing Solutions
Stewo Dental LLC
The Benefits Dept.
Vortex Broadband Communication, Inc.

2002-2003 FY

Belcan Corporation
Cross Country, Inc.
Debt Location & Recovery (DLR)
Direct Link Marketing, Inc.
Dr. Notes, Inc.
Heritage Creations, Inc.
Implant Innovations
Jordan Jones & Goulding
Logo  Express
  Marine Enviromental Partners, Inc.
Morse Holding Company of Palm Beach County, Inc.
National Financial Systems, Inc.
Palm Meadows Training Center
Tenet Healthcare Corp.
Tenet Healthcare Corp.
Weiss Group, Inc., The
YMCA of South Palm Beach County, Inc.
Scripps Research Institute, The
Piaggio America
LifeWatch Holding Co.
Implant Innovations  

2001-2002 FY

Advanced Automotive Design
Allegiance Telecom, Inc.
American Capital Funding
Artesa America, Inc.
Atlas Signs
Belcan Corporation
HomeSource Capital
International Home Stores
Jakob AG
Siemens Information and Comm. Mobile LLC
South Florida Blood Bank, Inc
Tenestra, USA
Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service, Inc.
Wafer World, Inc.
Walgreen Company
Washington Mutual

2000-2001 FY

Armor Screen Corporation
Attorney General
Belcan Corp.
Chapman Technologies
Debt Management Associates, Inc.
Don Jagoda Associates
Easy Run, Inc.
Ed Taylor Construction
El Paso Merchant Energy
FJB Associates
Florida Public Utilities
Florida Teleport
Forseti Biosciences, Inc.
FPL Energy Group
  Hospice of PBC
ImpIant Innovations
nt'l Businesss Software of America
Jet Aviation
Linton Truss
Physician Diagnostic Services
Power Systems Manufacturing
Quantum Stones
SV Microwave
TAKE 2 Productions, Inc.
United Forward
Virtual Bank

1999-2000 FY

Airfoil Technologies
American Media
ANC Rental
Angel Chips
Architectural Woodworks
Avtec Systems, Inc.
DTI Networks
Eastern Metal Supply
Endsdown Trimwork
Flight Safety
GE Clinical Services
Geek Securities
Intech, Inc.
Intelligent Life
LRP Publications
Majestic Greeting Cards
Medical Staffing Network
  Pace Micro Technology Americas
PC Professor
Perry Institute
Poma Corporation
Prosys Information Systems
RadiSys Corp.
Select Manufacturing
Steridyne Corp,
Tandem Staffing
Ted Juracsik
United Technology Corp. of America
US Army Corps of Engineers
US LEC Corp.
US Micro Corp.