Relocation & Expansion Services

 Welcome to the Relocation & Expansion business assistance section of our website. Here we will provide information to new businesses seeking to relocate operations to Palm Beach County, or existing businesses looking for expansion assistance.

The Business Development Board’s staff is dedicated to providing excellent and thorough service, while answering any of your inquiries. The BDB's team of economic-development professionals offers confidential, free-of-charge information. Our services include help with permitting, incentive funding assistance, workforce development, research services, and site selection, as well as project management and connections to public/private resources. We offer this information and assistance to decision-makers and consultants representing both significant large and small, domestic and international businesses in all industry sectors.

Whether you are new to Palm Beach County or already established here, the Business Development Board is uniquely positioned to help your business take full advantage and leverage all the resources available to you. Please take a tour of this section of our website to see the many ways we may assist you in growing your business in our dynamic marketplace.


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Where can you get more information?

Business Development Board of Palm Beach County
310 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Kelly Smallridge, President and CEO
Gary Hines, Senior Vice President, Administration

Brian Cartland, Vice President, Business Recruitment

Shawn Rowan, Vice President, Business Retention and Expansion

Shereena Coleman, Vice President, Business Facilitation & The Glades Region