Published Friday, January 29, 2016

The city of Boca Raton woke up to the news that a third company, headquartered here, is in merger talks that could impact the venue of its operations.

While the last word on the Staples-Office Depot combination has yet to be written, late last year Rubbermaid announced its combination with Jarden (under which Marmot, corporate sponsor of the Marmot Boca Raton Bowl falls) and today the combination of Johnson Controls and Tyco (seeking an offshore oasis from U.S. taxes) could impact a third city "resident."

All of this demonstrates the nature of corporate America — evolution and change are essential to remain competitive.

To our city, county and state it just means we cannot rest on past accomplishments.

The job of business development doesn't stop. A vibrant, business-friendly environment with a safe, secure and well managed city nestled in a geographical sweet spot for recreation and livability are just two of the benefits touted by Business Development Board President Kelly Smallridge, and others as they promote South Florida on a continuing basis.

The corporate life cycle is rarely static. As one door closes another will open. I would assume there is no shortage of CEOs in the northeast wondering if there isn't a way to escape winter's fury.

Perhaps they need Smallridge's phone number, right now, to hear the virtues of Palm Beach County.

The weather is great, the standard of living superior and did I mention no state income tax?

Robert Weinroth, Boca Raton deputy mayor

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