BDB Facilitates Corporate Relocations and Expansions to Grow Palm Beach County's Economy

Published Thursday, November 30, 2017

As you know, in collaboration with city, county, and state partners, the BDB works to leverage Palm Beach County’s extraordinary assets by facilitating the expansion of existing businesses and attracting new ones to the area. 

Here are some examples of relocation and expansion projects and other major initiatives the BDB is working on to grow and diversify Palm Beach County's economy.



Corporate Relocations and Expansions

Total: 2,212 New & Retained Jobs       



Marketing Palm Beach County as a Premier Business Destination

The BDB currently has an advertisement campaign targeting CEOs in the northeast. The ads showcase Life Sciences, A/A/E, Business/Financial Services, and Manufacturing. The ads have appeared in Quest magazine with a circulation of 84,000 and Greenwich magazine with a circulation over 60,000. Both publications reach high net worth households and provide value-added advantages including editorials and digital components.



Strengthening Partnerships Between Business and Education

Education is the key to solid economic development and a vibrant future economy.  Therefore, the BDB created the Academic Leaders Council, comprised of education leaders, to help strengthen partnerships between businesses and educators. During their meetings for example, the council has interacted with business executives in key industry clusters and discussed ways to expand internship program opportunities in a collaborative effort. 



To learn more about other major initiatives, view the 2016-2017 BDB Annual Report.